Friday, April 11, 2014

dot.Plan 2014.04.11

I haven't done one of these in a while!  With GDC, work ramping up, and wedding planning coming to the end I've been very busy!

With the little free time I have at the moment I've been gearing up to tackle a few interesting projects.  I  think I've done everything I wanted to do with Galaxy Craft.  I've completed all of my initial set out objectives and would like to try and tackle a finished product now.  I don't know what that product will be but I have some ideas.  More on that later.

I've also just released a new asset pack.  I wanted to go back to my low poly shooter assets and brand them and start to fill out that collection.

 For this first pack I choose CTF flags, because really, what shooter doesn't have good old capture the flag in it.

This set is 1000 triangles for the base and a flag with poly, 256X512 texture for the flag pole and 128X256 for the flags.  I wanted to keep things small, like a mix between Quake 1 and 2.  The set can be picked up here for $5 dollars.

I also started to work on armor pick ups, which then lead me to start a Quake style character.  He's far from done and will probably not be touched again until after I start my big project but here he is non the less.

That's all for this update.  Hopefully more next week.

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