Friday, January 31, 2014

dotPlan 2014.1.31 Weekly Update!

So this week has been pretty busy, but really at this point what week isn't?  I feel like I'm saying that a lot lately!

That being said, I did get some stuff done this week on GalaxyCraft.  First and foremost I placed a working level block out in the game.  This level block out will give me an idea of what art I need to  to make the level shine and give me an idea of the over all gameplay.

Galaxy Craft Dev Build

I've also added a wave spawner code that can be found here for free.   This wave system works pretty good and allows me to get the enemies in there and spawning properly.  I've also added some basic enemy AI, they'll attack the red blocks, and move on to the next one once they've killed the one closest to them.  The player can also kill the enemies.

Speaking of enemies here is the current texture progress for them, I'm thinking I'll have these done early next week and in game, then I can move on to the auto defense turrets, pick ups, or the core.  Once that set of assets is done that is all of the interactive objects and it's on to environment assets.


If you're interested in trying out GalaxyCraft you can play it here.

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