Friday, January 24, 2014

dotPlan 2014.1.24

It's Friday!  So let's roll with another weekly update.  This week some normalcy has been coming back and I've been getting some time to work on stuff.  I finished both lectures for Cs50 and looking to do the project at the end of the next week.  If I can't get that done I think i might have to drop it.  I just feel between that, teaching myself unity, redesigning my website and the pixelgraffiti website, I might of bitten off too much.  We'll see, I'd love to finish it but I also have other things that I really want to do and I don't have that much time to do everything I want.

On that note, I did manage to get another asset pack out on the store.  It's a complete set of console buttons for the Xbox One and the Ps4.

I might do a steam controller and a Wiiu set as I move forward but I'm not totally sure.

The other thing I started was the enemy ship for my Galaxycraft project, once I get that done I'll have my 3 enemies in game and working.  Next week I'm hoping to unwrap it all and start to texture everything, so hopefully that goes smooth.  After that I think I'll either tackle the skybox or the Core.  Not sure yet.

I've also started to mess around with a logo concept.

Once I'm happy with the logo I'll brand all of the Galaxycraft assets as such and toss it into all of the art work in the asset store.

I think that's it for this week.  Everyone enjoy your weekend!

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