Friday, January 10, 2014

dotPlan 2014.01.10

A new dot plan! Hopefully Every Friday!

So I want to start doing these on a weekly basis.  Before on a monthly basis was fine, but I have more detail I'd like to go into with everything I'm doing.  So lets get this going.

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows I've been working on asset packs for a bit. I've been posting all of them under the Pixelgraffiti store on the unity asset store.  I wanted to this year is re brand Pixelgraffiti and launch an actual site. Below is my current logo design and idea for the website splash.

I've got them both on a WIP link on Behance so feel free to take a look at it there and leave some feedback.

I've also gone ahead and submitted two asset packs to the store, I'm just waiting for them to go live.  1st one is a space ship and the second one is a set of buttons for the Ps4 and Xbox One.

More on them when they actually launch, there seems to be a back up at Unity since the ship was submitted early December and still isn't  up there, but you know how holidays go, so no worries.  I'll put up a post when they both go live.

I've also started to go through Harvardx Cs50 course.  It's their intro to computer science course.  So far I haven't gotten into it too far, just going through the first lecture, but i'm hoping to get sometime this weekend to really dive into it.

That's it for this Friday.  Everyone have a great weekend!

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