Monday, December 30, 2013

Game of the Year 2013

It's that time again!  Game of the Year Time.  I'm not critic, just a developer who likes to share his top 10 games of the year.  Same rules as last year, they might of not come out this year but as long as I played them they're in the running.

Number 10 Hard Reset

 I really miss the old school shooter. I miss big guns, tons of enemies, and fast action all accompanied by a heavy metal sound track  Hard Reset really brought me back to that era of shooter.  The game play was smooth and responsive, I was always out numbered, and every encounter was an exhilarating rush.

 The game was also just long enough, some times shooters feel like they've padded out their levels to meet some sort of hour quota, or this dire narrative bit has to be told so something that feels like a place holder level is used.  Hard Reset everything feels like it's put there for a specific reason, each boss fight is unique and fun, and it ends at the perfect time.  That's why this year Hard Reset is on my game of the year list.

Number 09 Singularity

 It's a shame a studio with a legacy like Raven's is stuck doing Call of Duty map packs.  After the mediocre fanfare of Quake 4, Wolfenstien really started to show they were getting back on track and Singularity nailed it.  This game should of gotten way more attention than it did.

 It's got a great story, the visuals are fantastic, the enemies and weapons are fun to use.  It has the perfect recipe of a fun and engaging shooter.  I don't know why it was left to the way side, maybe Activision abandoned it.  Leaving it to fair without any marketing?  I don't know.  This game should get played by everyone, because it shows that Raven could still compete and make a fantastic game.

Number 08  Shadowrun Returns

When I was younger Shadowrun on the Snes was one of  my favorite games.  I always wanted to play the table top but never had the chance too, I loved the universe and wanted more.  When I heard Microsoft was going to make a Shadowrun game I told all of my friends how awesome Shadowrun was and how great the new game will be.  Man did I look like an ass.  

Giving up on the series then I didn't think I'd ever see another Shadowrun game.  Then Hair Brained Schemes and Kickstarter saved it.  Brought it from the ashes and created an awesome linear RPG in one of the best universes out there.  I didn't even think twice when the Kickstarter rolled around and I'm having a fantastic time with the game.  Hopefully I can finish it and play the new content that is going to come out early next year.

Number 07  Rome Total War 2

I didn't get into the Total War series until my brother showed me Shogun 2.   All I can say is that Rome Total War 2 is fantastic.  It totally improves on Shogun 2 and the land and sea battles are fantastic.

Number 06 The Last of Us

I'm a huge Naughty Dog fan.  Uncharted is one of the best franchises of this previous generation.  Last of Us was great in a lot of ways and bothered me in some too.  Visually it was amazing, story telling was very well done, however some of the world building stuff could easily be broken.  Over all I really liked the game and I hope they continue the series.

Number 05-01 In the Podcast Below

Honorable Mention Battlefield 4

I wish this game worked better!  Parcel Storm is one of the best multiplayer maps I've played in a long time.  Too bad this game had a buggy launch and certain maps still just crash on a good chunk of gamers machines.  This game deserves better and I'm glad DICE is focusing on getting it up to snuff.  Battlefield 4 is still super fun to play, if it's working!

Looking Forward To 2014

 Here are a few of the games I'm really looking forward to play in 2014, hopefully one of them will push me over the edge and finally get a new console!

Thief 4


Wolfenstien the New Order

Wii U Zelda and Metroid

So that is it for my game of the year list, I can't wait to see what is on this list next year.

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