Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hey Everyone, I know it's December but here is the dot Plan for November!  Super Late Haha.

Turkeyday and Birthday

So progress on everything has been pretty slow in November.  Between Thanksgiving and my Birthday, I didn't to a lot of work.  My lovely Financee set me up with a great Birthday weekend and gave me Assassin's Creed 4, which is too much fun!  Big thank you to her and my friends who came out and made my weekend.

Odin One Prototype

The code end has a been a bit slow, I've got a bit overwhelmed with the art end.  So but I'm going to get back to the coding side of things and keep the art to my lunch periods.  That being said here is the ship I would like to get up and running in the Odin One Prototype.

Just like with all of my other assets I'll eventually toss this into the asset store along with the turret and missile I've created for it.

Asset Packs

Speaking of asset packs I missed out on November since I was so busy.  I do plan though to get a few of them up in December.  Here is the list and where they stand at the moment.

  • Potions Pack - Just needs to be exported and packaged for Unity
  • Lanterns Pack - Unwrapped just needs texturing then packaging
  • Ship - Turret Done, Unwrapped ready for texturing, Missiles done, Fx Planned.
Till next time, Cheers!

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