Monday, November 4, 2013


New Dot Plan for October, written in November!  A bit late, but better late then never right?!  So here we go!

Learning Unity Updates

Fps Project

The Fps project went really well.  I managed to get everything I wanted to do done and have some plans for it in the future.  It's really crude so I won't post anything up, but I have some big plans for it and hopefully I can get it done.  I just really need to get some more design and art work done for my plan.

Project Odin One

Odin one is a small space proto type I'm working on.   So far there isn't much.  I've gathered a ton of tutorials and information and I have just barley scratched the surface.  I put what I have so far up at this domain

 so feel free to check it out.  I will also post the different tutrials and stuff I use so I can share the wealth of information out there in the unity community.

For the inital flying mechanics I used the tutorial found here at Stop Secret Design. It worked pretty great and over all I really liked it.  However I wanted to use a control style more like Free Lancer or Starconflict.  So I spent some time searching and found this post.  Which does exactly what I was looking for.  I took the time to convert it to C# and added the ability to strafe.

Current controls in the demo are

w: Forward Thrust
s: Reverse Thrust
q: Roll Left
r: Roll Right
d: Thrust Right
a: Thrust Left

and mouse for pitch and yaw.

I'm not totally sure what I want to tackle next in this prototype but I think firing missiles and guns is probably pretty high on the list.


A good buddy of mine and myself have started a podcast called Monday Night Left Overs.  Check it out here, we mostly just talk about gaming news and what we're playing.

Asset Packs

In October I had the chance to get two asset packs out the door. A scifi ammo pack and a Jack-o-Lantern pack.  Both are up on the unity asset store, links below.  I plan on getting two asset packs done a month, still.  With the holidays and wedding planning ramping up I don't know if this will be possible but I will try my hardest.

I've also started a WIP thread for all of the asset packs on polycount, so come check out what is being worked on there and a release thread on unity.

Starlight Inception

Another thing that I wanted to share with everyone is that Starlight Inception, the project that I'm currently working on at the office is up in Steam early access.  Make sure to go check it out and let me know what you think.  It's been a long and fun road working on it and it's great to actually get it out there into the hands of players!!

And don't be afraid to post on the Steam boards, Garry from Escape Hatch is always on there and loves hearing all of the feedback!

Well that's it for me for this dot plan. Cheers and have a great November!

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