Monday, September 30, 2013


New Stuff

So over the last month I've actually got a lot of coding in, and it's been a ton of fun.  It's probably not amazing code but it works and I've gotten stuff up and running. 

Some of the newer stuff I've added was the ability to have grenades, and switch weapons, and decals on the wall when impacts hit.  All of this was still under the initial low fi scifi shooter that I was going to do.  That was all fantastic practice and the good thing is all of this code is reusable and will be the foundation of the actual project.

Ideas and Themes

After getting everything above done I started to clean up some of the code and really think about what kind of game I want to make.  So after a lot of thought I decide I wanted to make a dark fantasy dungeon crawler in the vein of a Heretic or a Hexen.

I've currently got two spells coded up at the moment and I'm working on a few more of the pickups.  One set of pick ups I did finish was the Mana and Health Vials.

I'm going to go with  cartoony textures and proportions but a dark world.  I'm doing High Poly assets then dinging them up in sculpris.  It seems to be working ok.  I might switch over to Z brush since it's way more powerful, but that might be later down the road.

Right now I'm working on a spell pick up, that will add the fire ball spell to the players spell book. Above is a work in progress shot and below is where it currently is.

Right now I'm using the Dark Art font as some temp work on there, I'll eventually create some imagery to put on there.

Asset Pack

I also worked on a new asset pack.  It's going to be an low poly scifi ammo pick up pack.  There  is a total of 8 meshes, 2 sizes for each type of ammo.  I'll be getting that together soon so keep an eye out for that.

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