Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Welcome to My First dotPlan

In the recent months or so I've gotten a strong desire to get into programming.  I've always been on the art side of game development and dabbled in design, but that's about it.  I feel limited in what I currently can do as a developer and I would really like to expand my capabilities and be able to create games on my own.

I'm currently running through the Code Academy web fundamentals program, since I'd like to redo my website as well, and I've also been going through some Unity tutorials and decided what I'm going to tackle.  I'm hoping to put at least 8 hours a week into the code side and about 4 in to the art. 

What is a dotPlan?

John Carmack Used to do these a long time ago during Quake and Quake 2 development.  They were originally almost like patch notes, but got a bit more elaborate over time.  The plan is to do a recap at the end of every month showing where the progress is.

The Plan

My plan is to make a simple fps with 3 guns and a few enemies.  I have some grander ideas planned out but I don't want to get to far ahead of my abilities and I want to make sure I have time to revisit stuff and make things run better as I learn more about C# and Unity.

The Tutorial

So when I first set out to tackle this project I found dozens of tutorials.  I read through some, watched a few but finally stumbled upon Simple Unity Fps tutorial by Quill18.  I've almost gone through all of his tutorials and they are fantastic.

I really enjoy the way he makes everything very generic and leaves some room for you to mess around with the specifics.  I highly recommend watching this series if you get a chance.


After getting aways into the tutorial, basically right after we got in to shooting I wanted to create ammo and ammo pick ups.  I currently have the one temp gun working with ammo, and ammo storing on the player for the other 2 weapons.  For this prototype I'm going to work on having 3 different guns.  A shotgun, machine gun, and a rocket launcher, you can't have  a Quake style game with out a rocket launcher, and I'm going to add grenades that can be thrown while holding a weapon ala Halo/COD.

Some of the ammo crates spinning away!

Art Examples

Being an artist first and foremost I have trouble when it comes to coding endeavors.  Trust me this isn't the first one I've tried.  I always have to make art as I go and that usually causes me to drop a project because it's taking way to long.  Thankfully this low fi art style I wanted to try is really fast to create and turns out a pretty awesome look.

Below are some crates I used for the initial art test.

The crates I didn't think were enough so I decide to do a small hallway bit to see how that looked.  I'm glad the art style doesn't look too noise, which was one of my initial fears when I decided to do everything with such low resolution textures and geometry.

Here is another in progress shot of the hallway with some Ibeam looking things that I decided to add.

My Goal is to take everything to 100% after the code is wrapped up for it.  For example once I get the main Machine Gun done I'll finally give it textures and see about doing the player arm animations.

Where I am now

At this moment I have a player that can move around a world, jump (still needs tweaking), Pick up 3 types of ammo, shoot a machine gun that will damage things with health and leave bullet hole decals. My next plan is to wrap up the Machine gun 100% then move on to making the enemy damage/dieing a bit more exciting.  Then It will be grenades and the other 2 guns.

Once the player is done I'll work on some doors/keycards and what not then finally AI.  I really don't want to touch AI till the end since I know that will be the most complicated.

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