Monday, April 29, 2013

Fish Enemy For Adventure Amazon

So last week I ended up getting a lot of code support items together.  Things like animations and particle fx, we'll be getting those tied in soon so we can start to show some of that off.

This weekend then I sat down and got the geo and textures done for the last enemy. The Fish!

The next step will be to rig this guy and animate him and get him set up so Adam can get him in game and up and running.

We also started to talk some interface stuff and I think we've got a pretty good plan for it and I'm excited to get started on that.

Our next move will be to get the boat textured and the first gun sort of wrapped up then we should have one item for each mechanic in game that we can start to tweak and polish.  Hopefully after that we can record a video of our first playable!

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