Friday, April 5, 2013

AA Water Mine

GDC was awesome, I got super inspire and couldn't wait to get back to work and working on our little side project.  First thing we tackled is a new concept for our controls and ship guns,  I'm excited to see how it turns out.  Right now there isn't much to show for that yet, on the art end unless I just show a ton of block out meshes.

However I did get a chance to work on the floating water mine.  There will be 3 mines in the game, that progressively get harder to take down and will do more damage to your weapons.

Pictured above is the mine in all 3 versions.  Each one has a few more do dads on it and will be scaled up about 20%

This is built as a single mesh with 5 components. The wake, base mine, level 1 and 2 topper, chains, and level 3 topper.  This should make it easy to just turn on an off stuff for the mine allowing us to reuse art and not spawn a ton of new content as the game is running.  The treasure chests that the player can shoot will get the same treatment.

Finally here is the mine as level 2 in engine animating.  The wake as a subtle animation along with the mine which spins and slowly bobs in the water.

Next I'm going to put the gold pick up coin together and the treasure chest, but there is a lot of Bioshock to play this weekend so lets hope there is some productivity out of me!

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