Friday, March 8, 2013


Going to a Lan party really puts a damper on productivity, I've been playing way too much War of the Roses.  Everyone should check it out.

I did manage to get a few things together this week however.  I've got the first tile set in engine and atlased correctly.

The main reason we're going to be atlasing a lot of our textures, is to bring the amount of draw calls to a minimum.  The idea is each tileset has a single atlas, then enemies, then player weapons, etc, each have one.  We're hoping this works out well, if not we'll try to atlas even more.  We're shooting for  the best possible performance and will try to make sure we build our art as optimized as possible.

After getting the tileset sorted out I wanted to move on to our most difficult enemy. Our flyer.  The flyer will  have the most elaborate pattern and attack system so Adam and I felt it will be the best enemy to tackle first.

The intial mesh is done, we're going to animate and test with this mesh before moving on to texturing.  Our goal is to figure out the entire system and art requirements for this enemy then start the rest of production.  Right now it's coming in at around 371 triangles

Well that's all from me this week, have a good weekend.


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