Friday, February 8, 2013

AA: More Asset With Textures!

It's Friday!

So over the course of the week I was able to get some more texture work done.

Tree above will be the second style of tree we have, I wanted to get a bit of variety in the environment and make sure not everything was a palm style tree.

Pick up crate, this crate will float by the ship and can be picked up to repair the ship and the turrets from damage.

Palm style tree, I know you don't really see a lot of these in the amazon, but this is our fictional version of it and they remind me of jungles for some reason.

I've got a bit more foliage to go before the set will be done, my goal is to have 2 types of trees, 2 ground plants, and 3 rocks.  I think this will be enough for a base pass at the environment, but you never know.

Well next week will be a short week for me, Tuesday I will be leaving for Disney World with my girlfriend, so no update from me.


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