Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Old School Gaming Pt 1.

Yesterday during my lunch break I I was listening to Extra Credits , specifically the episode on archiving the gaming medium.   They mentioned a list of games that should be our (game developers) common language and they were disappointed when young designers haven't played some if any of these games.  Out of the couple of games listed I was pretty proud of myself for have a few under the belt, but disappointed by some of the others I've neglected through out the years.

Wrapping up a lot of the other games I had planned on playing during the holidays I decided to get some of these older games and give them a try.

So last night I started Earthbound.

So far it's already done some things that I really enjoy. For example, I love naming my characters in games.  I've done it in every game that allows me too, I remember naming all of my characters in Final Fantasy 3 after my friends from school, naming all of my Sims after people I knew, or recently naming my entire X-Com squad after co-workers and family.  This makes the game take a more personal tone, and I really enjoy that.

  Earthbound even takes it one step further, they ask for your pet's name, your favorite food, and your favorite thing.  So far they've only used these items in the text, and I can't imagine they'd use them to a greater extent but imagine if a game could.  Imagine if you could custom tailor your experience in a game by filling out a small profile for each character and they'd act differently each time you played because of their likes and dislikes.

I've only played about 20min so far and I'm looking forward to having some time and really getting into this game and seeing what all the hype is about, so far I really like the experience I've been having and can't wait to see what else is in store.

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