Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BEAT-EM-UP! Inspiration/influence Map

So We've spent some time looking for references and a theme.   What has been decided is a zombie robots attacking a robot world.  This world is similar to ours, but instead of humans it's inhabited by robots.  We're going to set it in a B-Movie Horror film setting, similar to Mars Attacks, Aliens Vs Monsters, and Stubbs the Zombie.

The Key set pieces will be a neighborhood at night, destroyed gas station and a drive in movie theater.

Our inspiration/influences is in the following order.

Top Right: Planet 51 - we're looking at how they adapted their architecture to the alien theme they went with.

Top Left: Planet 51 - Robot from Planet 51, we're looking into making the citizens have a clean white robotic feel and this will influence how the rest of the environment looks.

Upper Mid Right : Not sure what movie it's from, but we're looking at the night lighting and the clouds in that image.

Upper Mid Left : CG Challenge Short -We're mainly looking at this one for the mood they set up with their short and the color palette.

Mid Right: Salesman Pete- Painting/material style, we're looking into trying something unique with the way we paint the materials.

Mid Left: Portal 2 - Clean robots again.

Lower Right: BUCK! - Hand painted materials again.

Lower Left : Old movie theaters and cars for inspiration.

I've seen some other posts with a similar theme and I'm really excited to see how they all turn out.
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