Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lunch Time Art Challenge

At FCB we started a small lunch time art challenge.  It's our first attempt at this and hopefully it goes well.  We're trying to get a greater feedback loop going between all of the artists.  For our first one we decided to try and make a Starcraft 2 unit. We have a set of rules to follow, for example it can only be about 5000 tri and maximum map size is 1024. I'm hoping this will help all of us expand our skills and abilities as artists, and force us to step away from our comfort zones.

Today I got my block out shape done,  I'm going with a Terran Style Mega Tank.  I'm hoping to have the low poly done by the end of the week.  I figured I'd do the low poly first since a lot of the normal map details will be really big.  It needs to look like it belongs in the game so I'm following some guide lines I've given myself and really thinking about it's silhouette from the isometric / 3/4 views.

I'm going to try and post some screen shots soon, I just want to get a bit further and make the asset a bit cleaner. we only have our lunch periods to work on it, so at it's current state it's sort of messy.

I do have some personal stuff I'm also going to try and get going but I need to take the time to plan it out accordingly.  Hopefully I have some time off this weekend and I can get started on that.

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