Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BEAT-EM-UP! Challenge at Polycount

So the Starcraft 2 challenge at work has had a lot of delays, it's hard to work on stuff during lunch when you have a pretty large workload for work.  So I'm taking a break on my Starcraft 2 unit, it's basically all blocked out and I just need to wrap up the high poly.   The primary reason I'm backing out of the Starcraft 2 unit challenge is a challenge showed up on Polycount that's a bit more up my alley.

BEAT-EM-UP! Challenge

As and aspiring environment artist, this project really appeals to me.  So I'm working on it with a coworker, and I hope we can really make a niece piece.  I've got a good chunk of the level drawn up. Once I get a cleaner pass I'm going to start posting some pics.  Either follow me here or on Polycount.

BEAT-EM-UP! | Deadpixl / Kovac
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