Friday, February 5, 2010

Step One Complete: Concept Found

While packing up my stuff at work after a pretty long day I started to browse the web for a bit. Check my email and what not.  Then one thing led to another and I found myself there for an extra 30 minutes or so looking for some concept art.  I looked everywhere and finally found 2 pieces I liked.  They're both from the Mass Effect games, I think the first game.

(Click to enlarge) Original Concept © Bioware

After settling on one I started doing some basic scale notes and I started to block out some of the shapes.  I then realized I need to make an itemized list of all of the assets I'll need to create.  This is what I came up with.

List of assets

  • Floor Panel Texture (Tiles)
  • 2xWall Panel Texture (Tiles)
  • Raised Floor
  • Core Heater Machine and Blaster
  • Lava Container (Main)
  • Lava Container Channels
  • Fusion Wire Container
  • Wires
  • Mid Floor Wire Clamp
  • Back Wall Machinery
  • Back Wall Arch Post (Not sure what that is)
  • Lava Funnel Wall Asset
  • Mid Lava Funnel Asset
  • Floor Wires and Coils
  • Back Wall Lave  Channels
  • Outpost Control Room
  • Outpost Wall Container
I'm pretty sure i'm going to start with either the floor or the wall tiles. I'll use the asset I get done first  to start learning UDK and start the feedback train.

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