Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beatz and ChenzoPark!

A good friend of mine tossed me some info on a project he is working on.  If you get a chance check it out. launches Beatz on Playground.
Playground is an application that runs in your browser that is designed to give a console-like experience much like the original  Xbox 360 dashboard. It supports a number of community features and customizations to make the dashboard an appealing jumping point for games.

Beatz is the first game made for Playground that lets you play your own music in a style similar to Guitar Hero with features that allow you to import your MP3s, download cover art, compose, download and share Beatz with the Playground community. Play Beatz solo or coop with a friend. Everything is free and everything is indie!
Playground does require the install of OSA Player for it to run in a browser. Supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Both Playground and Beatz support the Xbox controller and Xbox Guitar in addition to the standard PC mouse and keyboard. There are some videos of both in action on the website. Check it out at

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