Thursday, January 8, 2009

Games n' Stuff

I don't really have anything new work to share.  Maybe tomorrow we'll see.  We've been working some late nights and i haven't had much time to get personal stuff done.  I mean my new PS3 has had about 4 hours of total play time on it.

 I have how ever been browsing the Internet for some cool indie games that would really get me motivated and get the ideas flowing, that and IGF is coming so I'm looking at what's up for awards.  So far I've found 3 games that really stick out, 2 are in the IGF and one is just pure awesome.  I would say they all compare to fez from last year in some way or another for me.  Fez was a fantastic thing to watch come together.  I constantly checked Kokoromi Collective for more news on it's development last year. 

The first game is called Feist, now i haven't played the game but the visuals are really something unique.  It kind of looks like a 3d version of Patapon.  The game play so far looks great and I'm going to buy it the first chance i get. The second game is Machinarium, I've been watching this for a while.  I really enjoy the polish they are putting into this game.  Stylistically the art in this game blows me away.  This is another game that can't be played yet but i look forward to trying it out when i get a chance.

The last game is called Gravity Bone by Blendo Games.  First loading up this game i didn't really know what to expect, i mean it runs on the quake 2 engine.  But once i was in and had a chance to see the character and personality of the game i was sold.  Visually the art sends a very clear message and the design is something top notch.  The entire game is viewed through a  unknown spy's eyes.  You never leave his head.  The presentation is very immersive, even the tutorial is all in game either on a sign that is cleverly placed or a path that is very obvious.  There is something to be said for how well the over all design flows in this game. the experience is short.  I felt it was a good length however,  as every bit of it's 15 minute playtime was remember able and had some sort of take away that I'd like to translate to some of the stuff I'm working on.

Lunch is over, now back to work.  New work hopefully will be posted soon. 

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