Sunday, September 9, 2007


This past weekend was pretty crazy, let me tell you. Saturday was the kick off 'bout' ( Hate that word) for the Brew City Bruisers Roller Girls. Our boss being the wicked awesome man that he is, paid for all of us, who wanted to go, to attended the 'bout' (Still hate it) as a team get together. Really every one should go to at least one of these and experience the fun that is to be had, and the over priced beer. (Ranging from 4.50-5.50) The 'bouts' (ARGH!) are really fun to watch, especially when you get some of the really physical teams together. I don't remember who won or loss, but it was a blast.

The best part in my mind was the after party. We ended up going to some bar that i can't recall the name of and watching a band that i can't re call the name of. The bartender wasn't very good at pouring guiness from the tap, so i switch to bottled beer. The band was pretty good, mixing wasn't. (Couldn't hear the vocals) We ended up leaving at like 1am, and getting back to around 3:45am.

Today was sleep time, and get a small sketch up on my deviant art account. I hadn't touched that account in ages. I will start using it more since i have a project i would like to work on. Now if it can only keep it's sexy for more then a week. Well it's rolling on 11 and i should get to bed, i think, because we are going in early tomorrow.

Here is a link to the deviant art thing. Damn greyscale is hard.

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