Sunday, September 23, 2007

What a weekend!

Friday a good chunk of Froco and known associates headed to Lenny's after working hours. After a pitcher or two most of us head to go see Resident Evil Extinction. Pretty entertaining i would have to say. It's not going to win any Oscars or anything, but it was fun. It's in the same line as the Doom movie, if it wasn't called Resident Evil it would of been cool. Eh' what can ya do.

Seeing the movie did make me pick up the second movie on dvd and get Resident Evil 4 for the Wii. This will be my first time playing through it, hopefully, Halo 3 comes out Tuesday. So i will no longer exist, starting Tuesday. I'll try to break myself away to finish RE4, I'm at chapter 3 so....

Saturday i went to the comic workshop at UWGB. It was hosted by David Beyer Jr. and Tea Krulos. It was very cool, got to see the pipeline and learned a lot. It started at 10 and ended at around 4ish. I have one of the drawings i ended up doing here. We had some one else's story and their initial drawings and we had to do our take on it in 30 minutes. So here is my take on French Dawgs #47, i forget who the original author was. Also it's in pretty rough shape, i might clean it up a bit if i get time.

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